About Kaia Insurance Group

Kaia Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency in Conroe, TX,. We often work with customers in Houston, Austin, and the surrounding region, and we are licensed to provide quotes – available over the phone – for customers throughout the entirety of the Lone Star State. Led by experienced insurance specialists, Kaia Insurance Group is the best choice for receiving personal, one on one support for your insurance needs.

About Lauren Shanks

Lauren is the founder and lead agent at Kaia Insurance Group. She has worked directly in the insurance and financial world since 2014, and launched Kaia Insurance Group as a way to offer more personalized support for customers throughout Texas.

“I wanted Kaia Insurance Group to be an opportunity for people to get customized care, with policies built around their specific financial goals. I work one on one with my customers to understand both their short and long term financial needs, and find a policy that will be the best match for their current and future finances.”

Lauren spends most of her time back and forth between Houston and Austin. With over 10 years of experience in insurance sales and a background in financial planning means that Lauren and her team are uniquely able to help customers throughout the region obtain coverage that fits their financial and personal goals. Contact Kaia Insurance Group LLC today to get started.

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