Cost of a Funeral in Texas – How Protected is Your Family?

Everyone needs life insurance – at least a small amount. That is because, after any unexpected loss, the costs associated with that loss can be substantial, and that can be a burden that most people do not want to place on their family.

An example of this is the cost of a funeral. According to, the average cost of a funeral in Texas is $6,993 – close to $7,000 on the funeral alone. But that is not the only cost, either. Before, during, and after the funeral, family members often have to take off work. They may need to travel. They may host dinners for visiting family.

If your family wants to do a little bit more for your funeral, the costs can add up even more. It is not uncommon for funerals to cost – when you include lost wages, plane tickets, and supplementary expenses – $10,000 to $20,000 or more.

How Does Your Family Pay For It?

It is hard for any family, even those that are affluent, to quickly spend thousands of dollars to pay for a funeral. In the event that they are able to pay for it, they are very likely to need those funds reimbursed quickly so as not to experience financial distress.

This is where life insurance can help.

There are different forms of life insurance that can help pay for the funeral. One is the aptly named funeral insurance, which is a form of life insurance specifically taken out to pay for the costs of funerals. These can be beneficial, because they go directly to the funeral home to cover the costs of the funeral.

However, traditional life insurance is often an easier choice. Term life insurance tends to be the least expensive. Your family would still need to pay for the funeral up front, but after the life insurance pays out, they’ll be reimbursed for their expenses which can allow them to feel more comfortable with the funeral payments.

In addition, other forms of life insurance – such as limited pay whole life, which is useful for younger families – allow you to completely pay off your life insurance and have a permanent policy in place so that you no longer have to worry about making payments and will know in advance how much might be available for a funeral and supplementary costs.

Learn More About Funerals and Life Insurance Options

Life insurance has many benefits, and one of the most urgent and important is that it can help reduce the expenses that are pushed upon your family for your funeral and final needs. If you’d like to learn more about all the different life insurance options available in Houston and throughout Texas, contact Kaia Insurance Group, today.

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