What Does Traditional Medicare Not Cover – and What Can Be Done?

Kaia Insurance Group LLC is a Medicare insurance agent in Conroe, TX, serving Houston, Austin, and all throughout Texas. Part of our role is answering individual questions about Medicare and health insurance, and supporting those trying to navigate a complex system as they move forward with their senior years.

Medicare is extraordinarily beneficial for seniors that need to have most of their medical needs covered, especially after they retire. But, as a government funded program, there are many medical needs that are not covered by Medicare Parts A or B – but may be covered by other optional forms of insurance. Knowing what these needs may be can be beneficial for making better financial decisions that will protect you in the future.

What Traditional Medicare Doesn’t Cover

Medicare covers a lot. But it doesn’t cover everything. When we discuss Medicare, we are specifically talking about Parts A and B. There are many other options for Medicare that do offer more coverage that we will discuss at our consultation, and there are also alternative options for those that may want to explore other or additional supplemental insurance. Right now, Medicare Parts A and B do not cover:

  • Long Term Care – Perhaps the most important coverage that is not offered by Medicare is Long Term Care. That is why many seniors choose long term care insurance, to protect themselves from the expensive costs associated with nursing homes and custodial care.
  • Dental Care – Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover routine dental care. Seniors that need dental care will need to consider an alternative Medicare option (specifically, Medicate Part C), or will need to purchase dental insurance on the market.
  • Vision and Hearing – Similarly, traditional Medicare does not cover vision or hearing checkups or care. These may also need to be purchased separately on the market, or you may need to consider a different Medicare plan.
  • Travel Medical Care – One of the greatest risks associated with Medicare is that it often does not cover any services that are received out of the country. Those that plan to travel often might need to consider other forms of coverage.

It should also be noted that traditional Medicare does not cover prescription drugs, but typically a senior would enroll in Medicare Part D to receive that coverage.

What Can Be Done?

One thing to keep in mind is that traditional Medicare is not the only form of Medicare. Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) may also play a role, as can Medigap, which is related to Medicare.

However, it is these challenges that also show why it is so important to speak with an insurance agency that understands and specializes in Medicare. We can help you obtain not only Medicare, but also additional insurance options like long term care insurance (if applicable), and connect you with Medicare Part D, if these offer better solutions for your individual finances and needs.

If you’d like to learn more about Medicare in Texas, please contact Kaia Insurance Group LLC today.

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