Why Pet Insurance is Personal for Kaia Insurance Group

Kaia Insurance Group has long specialized in life insurance, health insurance, and similar products. But recently, we had our own small emergency that made it clear that we needed to offer something new. Not long ago, our founder, Lauren Shanks, had an emergency with her dog. They rushed him to the vet and had to perform countless medical procedures in order to help save his life.

The result of this last minute vet visit was a bill for thousands upon thousands of dollars – far more than the average Houston family can afford. Luckily, the Shanks family had an invaluable asset to support this expense: pet insurance. Their pet insurance covered the procedures, and they did not have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Costs to Save a Family Member

Your pet is a member of the family. You should never be faced with a situation where you have to choose whether or not to save a family member’s life based on whether or not you can afford treatments. But pets, unlike humans, do not have health insurance through their work, or Medicare, or any other form of protection that could help reduce costs in the event of an emergency.

Pet insurance made it possible to treat the Shanks family pet without looking at the bill. That is why Kaia Insurance Group of Conroe is now pleased to offer pet insurance. We decided to offer pet insurance as a product because we know from firsthand experience how expensive it can be without some form of protection.

But we also know that there are many pet insurance carriers on the market that are not known for offering high quality support. That’s why we specifically elected to work with only the best pet insurance providers, and why we believe that it is in your best interests to consider pet insurance to help with your pet.

How Pet Insurance Supported Us and Can Support You

The entire purpose of insurance of all kinds is to offer protection for unexpected events. There is a tendency for people to avoid insurance because they don’t expect the incident to happen. But the reason that insurance is frequently so necessary is because it so often does. There is a reason that disability insurance, Medicare, and other forms of insurance have literally saved people’s lives, while life insurance has protected families from financial ruin.

Pet insurance can often be viewed the same way. We at Kaia Insurance Group can help customize a policy to meet your finances, but we encourage you to consider this form of insurance as soon as you’re able, before the unexpected occurs.

Learn more about pet insurance in the Houston area by contacting Kaia Insurance Group, today.

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